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CyFlow™ CD36 FITC

CyFlow™ CD36 FITC
Alternative Name: GP3B, GPIV
Antibody: Yes
Antigen: CD36
Application: Flow cytometry
Clonality: monoclonal
Clone: CB38 (NL07)
Emission Maximum: 518 nm
Excitation Maximum: 490 to 495 nm
Field of Interest: Immunophenotyping
Format/Fluorochrome: FITC
Isotype: IgM
Laser: Blue
Regulatory Status: RUO
Source Species: Mouse
Target Species: Human
Product number: AJ743875

For Research Use Only

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HLDA Workshop HLDA IV—WS Code P106 Quantity 100 tests Volume 0.4 mL Immunogen... more
CyFlow™ CD36 FITC
HLDA WorkshopHLDA IV—WS Code P106
Quantity100 tests
Volume0.4 mL
ImmunogenLiving human myeloid cells
Background InformationCD36 (FAT; fatty acid translocase) is an 85-113 kDa ditopic glycosylated protein that belongs to the class B family of scavenger receptors. CD36 is expressed by most resting marginal zone B cells but not by follicular and B1 B cells, and it is rapidly induced on Follicular B cells in vitro upon TLR and CD40 stimulation. CD36 does not affect the development of B cells, but modulates both primary and secondary antibody response. Similarly to glucose transporter GLUT4, CD36 is translocated from intracellular pools to the plasma membrane following cell stimulation by insulin. In mouse, CD36 is responsible for gustatory perception of long-chain fatty acids.
UsageThe reagent is designed for Flow Cytometry analysis of human blood cells. Recommended usage is 4·µl reagent·/ 100·µl of whole blood or 10^6 cells in a suspension. The content of a vial (0.4 ml) is sufficient for 100 tests.
Storage BufferThe reagent is provided in stabilizing phosphate buffered saline (PBS) solution, pH ≈7.4, containing 0.09% (w/v) sodium azide.
StorageAvoid prolonged exposure to light. Store in the dark at 2-8°C. Do not freeze.
StabilityDo not use after expiration date stamped on vial label.
Specific References

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