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CyFlow™ CD48 Pacific Blue™

CyFlow™ CD48 Pacific Blue™
Alternative Name: BCM1, BLAST-1 , SLAMF2
Antibody: Yes
Antigen: CD48
Application: Flow cytometry
Clonality: monoclonal
Clone: MEM-102
Emission Maximum: 455 nm
Excitation Maximum: 400 to 410 nm
Field of Interest: Immunophenotyping
Format/Fluorochrome: Pacific Blue™
Isotype: IgG1
Laser: Violet
Regulatory Status: RUO
Source Species: Mouse
Target Species: Human, Non-Human Primates
Product number: BN148884

For Research Use Only

Quantity 100 tests Volume 0.4 mL Immunogen Raji cells: human Burkitt's lymphoma cell... more
CyFlow™ CD48 Pacific Blue™
Quantity100 tests
Volume0.4 mL
ImmunogenRaji cells: human Burkitt's lymphoma cell line
Background InformationCD48 (Blast-1) belongs to the CD2 subset of the Ig superfamily, which includes CD2, CD2F-10, CD58, CD84, CD150, CD229, CD244 and others. These molecules bind to the same or another members of their family, thus mediate homotypic or heterotypic adhesion. CD48 is a GPI-anchored protein broadly expressed on hematopoietic cells and serves as a high affinity ligand for 2B4 and low affinity ligand for CD2. 2B4-CD48 interaction among NK cells and NK-T cells regulates cell proliferation. Signaling through CD48 results in eosinophil activation and CD48 expression is increased in several infectious diseases.
UsageThe reagent is designed for Flow Cytometry analysis of human blood cells. Recommended usage is 4·µl reagent·/ 100·µl of whole blood or 10^6 cells in a suspension. The content of a vial (0.4 ml) is sufficient for 100 tests.
Storage BufferThe reagent is provided in stabilizing phosphate buffered saline (PBS) solution, pH ≈7.4, containing 0.09% (w/v) sodium azide.
StorageAvoid prolonged exposure to light. Store in the dark at 2-8°C. Do not freeze.
StabilityDo not use after expiration date stamped on vial label.
Specific References

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